Capstone problem-solving course required for all biology majors.

Recent Submissions

  • A Decade of DACA Podcast 

    Nieves Adame, Shaily; Mamani, Faizal; Mantilla, Maria; Ramshah, Mona Eliza (Georgia Gwinnett College, 2021-12)
    Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an executive order that allows many individuals to obtain social security numbers, work permits, licenses, etc. The podcast looks to address many viewpoints on DACA such as ...
  • Underrepresentation of Minority Groups in U.S. Clinical Trials 

    Yang, Ashlynn; George, Divya; Campbell, Nicky Bowen; Le, Tuong Vi (Georgia Gwinnett College, 2021-12)