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    • Business Law: An Introduction 

      Gordon, Jason M.; Chapman, Jennifer; Akins, Benjamin; Tate, Tanya; Gordon, Wyatt (2016-10-26)
      This text began with the objective of providing learning material to individuals who otherwise lack the means or resources to purchase more expensive text or video resources. Specifically, the purpose of this text was to ...
    • Understanding Business Entities for Entrepreneurs and Managers 

      Gordon, Jason M. (2016-10-26)
      This book explains the important characteristics of the most common types of business entities. Specifically, the book covers sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, ...
    • Understanding Contracts for Entrepreneurs and Managers 

      Gordon, Jason M. (2016-10-26)
      Understanding contracts is essential to the effective planning, formation, growth, and continued management of a business venture. This text provides a straightforward guide for entrepreneurs, managers, and professional ...