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    Understanding Contracts for Entrepreneurs and Managers
    (2016-10-26) Gordon, Jason M.; Chapman, Jennifer
    Understanding contracts is essential to the effective planning, formation, growth, and continued management of a business venture. This text provides a straightforward guide for entrepreneurs, managers, and professional practitioners who need a thorough understanding of business contracts. It covers issues including: structure, formation, performance, and breach. It also discusses issues such as revocation, warranties, etc. The text is organized in an easy-to-read, question-and-answer format that breaks down the elements of the contract into small digestible pieces. Following an explanation of the applicable rules, the text includes simple examples to help the reader understand the relevant principles.
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    Understanding Business Entities for Entrepreneurs and Managers
    (2016-10-26) Gordon, Jason M.; Akins, Benjamin
    This book explains the important characteristics of the most common types of business entities. Specifically, the book covers sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), S corporations, C corporations, professional corporations, and non-profits. The characteristics or considerations discussed are entity formation, governance, ownership, control, authority, liability, compensation, taxation, and funding. Further, the book discusses the appropriate entity characteristics for startup ventures, when to form the entity, where to form the entity, and entities conducting business in multiple states. The book is broken down into an easy-to-read, question-and-answer format. In addition to explanations of the applicable rules, it is full of simple examples to help any reader understand the important characteristics of the business entity. This book is the perfect guide for entrepreneurs, managers, attorneys, and accountants who need guidance in this complicated area of law and business practice.
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    A Business Plan for the Growth-Based Venture
    (2016-10-26) Gordon, Jason M.
    Description: A Business Plan for Growth-Based Ventures is a step-by-step guide to building a comprehensive business plan for a product or service business. This guide focuses on the elements of the business plan that are most important to entrepreneurs, lenders, and investors. It introduces you to the key business concepts and uses notes and examples to take you through the individual sections of the business plan. We explain each section of the plan in sufficient detail to construct stand alone documents for each section. You will not encounter a more direct, useful, and thorough business plan guide on the market.
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    Business Law: An Introduction
    (2016-10-26) Gordon, Jason M.; Chapman, Jennifer; Akins, Benjamin; Tate, Tanya; Gordon, Wyatt
    This text began with the objective of providing learning material to individuals who otherwise lack the means or resources to purchase more expensive text or video resources. Specifically, the purpose of this text was to ease the financial burden on college students taking business law courses. While maintaining this mission, the project quickly expanded into a comprehensive approach to teaching general business-law topics that lays the groundwork for a new model for higher education. Specifically, the text employs numerous pedagogical techniques to effectively transmit information to the lector. The methods of communication include text, video lectures, defined vocabulary, situational examples, discussion questions, practice questions with video explanation, appellate case references (briefs and recommended full-text cases), and content outlines. The text flips the traditional classroom teaching model by introducing the material in a fashion that reinforces the underlying learning objectives in multiple ways. While this text has become a stand-along learning resource, it is most effective when used in conjunction with classroom discussion and lecture.